Oil & Gas Chemistry 2018

nanotechnology, Performance, Cost


November 5-6, 2018    Houston, Texas



Debora Rodrigues

University of Houston

Andy Rosenholm - Bubbletight USA

Feng Liang   - Aramco Services

Igor Kosacki - Honeywell Services

Lisa Biswal - Rice University

Cassie Hilliard - Dow Chemicals

Mary Jane Felipe - Baker Hughes - GE

Jacinta Conrad - University of Houston

Pawilai Chinwangso - Newpark Drilling Fluids

Oilfield chemicals, viscosity modifiers, inhibitors, polymers and surfactants for the upstream industry are of high interest especially with challenging environments and technology needs of unconventional oil and gas resource projects. Cost-effectiveness is a must. Hydraulic fracturing with the use of smart fluids and proppants is important for high production yield in onshore shale oil & gas projects. Corrosion and scaling inhibitor action can be complicated by different non-synergistic actions of other additives. Other challenges in flow assurance include asphaltene, paraffin, and gas hydrate control. New polymer thermoset and elastomer compositions and methods enable preservation of assets, and long-term performance and durability under HPHT conditions. The use of nanotechnology is becoming more of a commercial possibility. This knowledge-builder workshop is designed for chemists, R&D practitioners, engineering services, technical managers, chemical suppliers, oil-field services, and analytical services.


Rajesh Khare


Liang Xu


Other Speakers (more to be announced):

Rigoberto Advincula


Peter Boul

Aramco Services

Joey Mangadlao

Baker Hughes - GE